Lee Brown edges his way to the Waterloo crown

The Waterloo Handicap is one of bowls truly historic competitions, along with the Talbot Trophy, it has true bowling greats on its list of champions.

This year the event was wonderfully sponsored by Grange Valley Amusements and equally wonderfully organised and administrated by Mark Mills and team.

Following the closure of the Waterloo green the move to Fleetwood owed much to Jeff Brown and his Potteries bowlers. So, it was fitting that the trophy now has a new winner with modern day Potteries legend Lee Brown mastering a day of dodgy weather and a top-class field.

In the final Lee had to beat Josh Mordue, another of the next generation looking to take bowls into the future, who was the bookies favourite to win the crown. Josh had looked serene in the conditions and looked to be on his way to the title before Lee found the ‘edge’.

I won’t give a full write up as I’m pleased to say the finals day was broadcast (just about) on YouTube on this website’s channel. So, if keep scrolling you will find a livestream of over 6 hours ready to be watched again.

I know I’m biased but I think the broadcast went well with an average of over 300 watching it live and over 700 viewers for the final. Even when I left the stream running during lunch over 150 where kept entertained by the wet and windy weather. I presume these included the kind souls from around the world who “tuned” in and saw what weather the north-west of England threw at us.

Since I clicked the start streaming button the broadcast has been watched over 21,000 times, obviously people are watching it in sections rather than all at once. So, to the kind viewers from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Thailand, the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and the island of Malta and the slightly less exotic island of the Isle of Man I offer my thanks for dedicating some of your time to my wet and windy broadcast. 

For those who want to see it….

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