South Yorkshire are best veterans in the country

The Veterans of South Yorkshire claimed the men’s county championship after a thrilling days bowling at Monk Sports in Warrington.

The qualifying for the Veterans County Championship took place on Thursday 13th July with the four regional winners reaching the finals.

Region 1

Was played at Lindal Bowling Club (Cumbria), the host county took full advantage of their tricky home venue to record victories of Lancashire (40), Merseyside (20) and North Lancs & Fylde (12).

Region 2

Was played at Matlock Golf Club (Derbyshire) where South Yorkshire finished their three group matches with an unblemished record. Having beaten Derbyshire by 23 and South Yorkshire Parks by 3, they faced neighbours Yorkshire in their final match, who themselves were undefeated. With five winning cards in this eight-a-side format, South Yorkshire qualified for the final with 21 chalks to spare.

Region 3

Greater Manchester emerged victorious at Owley Wood Recreation Club (Cheshire). They opened with a 2 chalk victory over the hosts, Cheshire, then defeated Wales by 3 in their second round game. They qualified by defeating the 2019 champions, Potteries & District by 12.

Region 4

This was played at Haunchwood Sports & Social Club (North Midlands) & Warwick & Worcester proved too strong for their opponents Staffordshire, Shropshire and hosts North Midlands. Wins of 13, 12 and 43 respectively saw them top the group, the only county finishing on a plus aggregate.

The finals saw the South Yorkshire men get 4 points for winning 2 of their games and win the title thanks to a better aggregate score. Rob Wiltshire proved to unbeatable for the South Yorkshiremen with his 3 wins helping a superb team performance.

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South Yorkshire4436405+31
Warwick & Worcester4436424+12
Greater Manchester2416418 -2

2023 BCGBA Men’s Veterans County Championship Final scores

Round 1

Cumbria v South Yorkshire

Martin Barrow 21-12 Andy Sorsby

Billy Harding 19-21 Tommy Silcock

Steve Ashburn 13-21 Brian Holdsworth

Derek Bell 09-21 Rob Wilstshire

Dave Kent 06-21 Steve Marshall

Martin Ryder 16-21 Jack Clarke

Dave McRoy 08-21 Darren Stevenson

Roger Barrow 21-07 Nigel McDermott

Scores 113-145

Gtr Manchester v Warwick & Worcester

Anthony Mellor 21-16 Bill Kinchen

Charlie Roberts 21-14 Dave Scriven

Steve Mellor 21-15 Ron Regan

Nigel Fryer 16-21 David Clarke

Ian Bardsley 11-21 Chris Baker

Barry Collinge 16-21 Len Freeth

Dave Gwilliam 21-11 Bob Hickman

Nigel Greenhalgh 21-13 Mark Street

Scores 148-132

Round 2

Cumbria v Greater Manchester

Martin Barrow 21-14 Anthony Mellor

Billy Harding 21-12 Tom Mellor

Graham Rigg 21-12 Charlie Roberts

Paul Crossland 21-12 Nigel Greenhalgh

Roger Barrow 17-21 Steve Mellor

Tom Baxter 21-17 Nigel Fryer

Dave McRoy 09-21 Barry Collinge

Martin Ryder 07-21 Dave Gwilliam

Scores 138-130

South Yorkshire v Warwick & Worcerster

Andy Sorsby 21-18 Bill Kinchen

Tommy Silcock 15-21 Dave Scriven

Brian Holdsworth 18-21 Ron Regan

Rob Wiltshire 21-11 Dave Clarke

Steve Marshall 20-21 Chris Baker

Andy Mailer 21-20 Len Freeth

Darren Stevenson 13-21 Bob Hickman

Nigel McDermott 14-21 Mark Street

Scores 143-154

Round 3

Cumbria v Warwick & Worcester

Martin Barrow 09-21 Bill Kinchen

Paul Crossland 21-16 Dave Scriven

Derek Bell 12-21 Ron Regan

Graham Rigg 13-21 Dave Clarke

Billy Harding 15-21 Chris Baker

Tom Baxter 21-20 Len Freeth

Steve Ashburn 21-13 Bob Hickman

Roger Barrow 21-17 Mark Street

Scores 133-150

South Yorkshire v Greater Manchester

Andy Sorsby 21-14 Steve Mellor

Tommy Silcock 11-21 Charlie Roberts

Brian Holdsworth 18-21 Nigel Greenhalgh

Rob Wiltshire 21-19 Anthony Mellor

Steve Marshall 21-13 Barry Collinge

Andy Mailer 15-21 Dave Gwilliam

Darren Stevenson 20-21 Tom Mellor

Jack Clarke 21-08 Nigel Fryer

Scores 148-138

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