Graeme Wilson back to doing Graeme Wilson type things at Wigan Subby

Graeme Wilson claimed his seventh Wigan Subscription Classic title with, a seemingly effortless, success in this year’s event.
Graeme Wilson returned to the winner’s closure with success in the Royle Classic and he looked back to his supreme best against top class opposition in the popular 31-up competition. The proud Yorkshireman was particularly dominant against the auld enemy. Three of Lancashire’s finest, on home territory, could only muster 31 between them against Graeme.

This year’s Wigan Subscription Classic was very kindly sponsored by Uncle Joe’s (, Industrial Fabrics Inc, SF Consulting, Blue Flame, Co-op Funeralcare, ECO Batteries and Grayway Coaches.

The link to the video of the final against Neil Bithell is below and scores from the competition are:
Saturday 20th May:
1st Round:
Wayne Ditchfield v W/O
Mike Tunstall 31 v John Gatley 25
Stephen Glover 31 v George Chadwick 25
Danny Sillito 31 v Paul Winrow 24
2nd Round:
Mike Tunstall 31 v Wayne Ditchfield 27
Danny Sillito 31 v Stephen Glover 17
Sunday 21st May:
1st Round:
Stuart Hodson 31 v Tony Mee 27
Neil Bithell 31 v Mick Prescott 11
Michael Heap 31 v Andy Topping 29
Graeme Wilson 31 v Derek Bissell 11
2nd Round:
Neil Bithell 31 v Stuart Hodson 21
Graeme Wilson 31 v Michael Heap 4
Saturday 27th May:
1st Round:
Jack Dyson 31 v Danny Barwise 22
Alan Manuel 31 v Darrell Handley 26
Darren Plenderleith 31 v Eamonn Delaney 22
Phil Lee 31 v Gareth Coates 15
2nd Round:
Jack Dyson 31 v Alan Manuel 26
Phil Lee 31 v Darren Plenderleith 22
Sunday 28th May:
1st Round:
Tommy Johnstone 31 v Danny Miller 27
Tony Gatley 31 v Allen Broadhurst 27
Matt Topping 31 v Paul Harris 30
Chris Bly 31 v Steve Davies 28
2nd Round:
Tommy Johnstone 31 v Tony Gatley 12
Matt Topping 31 v Chris Bly 29
Saturday 3rd June:
1st Round:
Callum Wraight 31 v Liam Gregson 16
Scott Taylor 31 v Duncan Watkins 25
Kevan Shaw 31 v Lee Johnstone 23
Mark Richardson 31 v Ryan Semmens 25
2nd Round:
Callum Wraight 31 v Scott Taylor 10
Kevan Shaw 31 v Mark Richardson 19
Sunday 4th June:
1st Round:
Ian Grady 31 v Bill Griffiths 29
Josh Mordue 31 v Martin Horton 23
David Molyneux 31 v John Brown 17
Carl Gregson 31 v Neil Taylor 30
2nd Round:
Josh Mordue 31 v Ian Grady 10
David Molyneux 31 v Carl Gregson 13
Saturday 10th June:
1st Round:
Nicky Shaw 31 v Kevin Wainwright 27
Harvey Birch 31 v Andy Thomas 10
David Higginbottom 31 v Glynn Crank 16
Neil Slattery 31 v Andy Hayes 24
2nd Round:
Nicky Shaw 31 v Harvey Birch 22
David Higginbottom 31 v Neil Slattery 13
Sunday 11th June:
1st Round:
James Wilcox 31 v Dave McDermott 22
Richard Goddard 31 v Martin Ogiliev 30
Billy Speed 31 v Dave Jarrett 17
Simon Coupe 31 v Ryan Walters 20
2nd Round:
Richard Goddard 31 v James Wilcox 27
Simon Coupe 31 v Billy Speed 22
Saturday 24th June:
Last 16 Round
Simon Coupe 31 v Callum Wraight 27
Richard Goddard 31 v Nicky Shaw 30
David Molyneux 31 v Mike Tunstall 25
Neil Bithell 31 v David Higginbottom 27
Quarter Finals:
Richard Goddard 31 v Simon Coupe 19
Neil Bithell 31 v David Molyneux 12
Sunday 25th June:
Last 16 Round
Phil Lee 31 v Matt Topping 17
Kevan Shaw 31 v Josh Mordue 26
Danny Sillito 31 v Jack Dyson 26
Graeme Wilson 31 v Tommy Johnstone 29
Quarter Finals:
Phil Lee 31 v Kevan Shaw 28
Graeme Wilson 31 v Danny Sillito 22
The Final Day results of the Wigan Subscription Classic from Sunday 2nd July are:
Semi Finals:
Graeme Wilson 31 v Richard Goddard 15
Neil Bithell 31 v Phil Lee 23
Graeme Wilson 31 v Neil Bithell 16

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