Warrington’s Monk Sports to host end of season championships

Monk Sports Club in Warrington

This year’s Men’s and Ladies Champion of Champions events in September has a new venue. After enjoying many decades at the Waterloo Hotel in Blackpool, the competition was to be moved to Heaton Park in north Manchester. However, several concerns were raised about the venue which mainly focused on the quality of the greens.

The Heaton Park greens were first used for competitions last year and, although not perfect, they held up well for a newly laid green. However, the very hot and dry periods in the summer have proved to be a challenge for every green keeper, with the topography of the greens at Heaton Park not helping, and it was obvious a sudden improvement was not likely.

After a spirited inspection of several venues, the honour of hosting the competitions has been handed over to Monk Sports in in the Woolston area of Warrington. This club has been one the premier bowling venues in Warrington for nearly 50 years and are proving to be very enthusiastic hosts for this year’s competitions.

The draw for the men’s event on Saturday 24th September:

Josh Bunting (Merseyside Merit) v Gareth Herbert (Staffordshire Merit)

Andy Proctor (BCGBA Jack & Jean Isherwood Championships) v Stuart Nash (Nth Midlands)

Callum Wraight (BCGBA Senior Merit) v David Bradford (IOM Merit)

Alex Hassall (Midland Masters) v Ryan Clark (Brighouse Classic)

Chris Kelly (Sandal Classic) v Leighton Roberts (Wharton Cons)

David Lloyd (Shropshire) v Jack Dyson (Yorkshire Merit)

Ryan Prosser (British Parks Merit) v Richard Gill (Derbyshire Merit)

Simon Coupe (Pudsey Classic) v Ryan P Williams (BCGBA Junior Merit)

Paul Evans (2021 George Masters) v Lee Kington (W&W Merit)

Ian Booth (Hillcrest Classic) v Jack Hargreaves (Gtr Manchester Merit)

Billy Speed (Lancashire Merit) v Talbot Trophy winner

Andrew Whittaker (Sth Yorkshire Merit) v Ben Harris (Castle Private Open)

Tom Vickers (Cheshire Merit) v Josh Towey (Potteries Merit)

Ian France (Cumbria Merit) v Greg Smith (Spring Waterloo)

Autumn Waterloo winner v Stephen Glover (IOM September Festival)

Ian M Jones (Welsh Merit) v James Wilcox (IOM June Festival)

The draw for the Ladies event on Sunday 25th September:

Jayne Kent (Cynthia Tonge Memorial) v Shannon Kernick (Norden Open)

Aindrea Ainley (Sth Yorkshire Merit) v Ronnie Lyon (Cheshire Merit)

Talbot Trophy winner v Emily Kernick (W&W Merit)

Cheryl Casewell (Shropshire Merit) v Carol Verdon (Nth Midlands Merit)

Alyson Evans (Nth Warwickshire Merit) v Lorriane Hirst (Enid Blackburn Trophy)

Autumn Waterloo winner v Chloe Hirst (BCGBA Ladies Merit)

Elaine Moore (IOM September Tourism Trophy) v Emma Tobin (British Parks Merit)

Aileen Coleman (Wales) v Nicola Boulton (Mid-Cheshire Merit)

Susan Pugh (Dudley Merit) v Louise Ollerton (Gtr Manchester Merit)

Wendy Jackson (Burton Merit) v Christine Davies (Blackpool Spring Bowling Festival)

Alexis Lunn-Gadd (Yorkshire Merit) v Jenny Moore (IOM Merit)

Rebecca Teare (IOM September Festival) v Janice Wilson (Nth Derbyshire Merit)

Sharon Rigden (Lancashire Merit) v Cerys Parry (BCGBA Junior Merit)

Karen Galvin (Ladies Spring Waterloo) v Samantha Murray (Sth Staffordshire Merit)

Lynsey Gorman (Merseyside Merit) v Clair Russell (Nth Lancs & Fylde Merit)

Janet Hargreaves (Staffordshire Merit) v Tina Ralphs (Nth Shropshire Merit)

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