Ladies National Championship set for Brighouse

One of the best venues in the sport will play host to the Ladies National Championship this Saturday (9th July).

Brighouse Sports Club is the venue and it is know as one of Yorkshire best, and trickiest, places to play. 

Play starts at 10:00am with a healthy crowd expected.

1 Janet Walker (Greater Manchester)* v 2 Joanne Smith (Burton & District)
3 Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) v 4 Susan Pugh (Dudley & District)*
5 Jackie Burdett (North Midlands) v 6 Liz Buckley (North Warwickshire)
7 Louise Cotton (Shropshire) v 8 Andrea Buckley (Yorkshire)
9 Michelle Tootle (Lancashire) v 10 Sylvia Bradbury (Cheshire)
11 Samantha Murray (South Staffordshire)* v 12 Andrea Bell (Mid Cheshire)
13 Janice Wilson (North Derbyshire)* v 14 Sally Turner (Yorkshire)
15 Joan Beer (North Lancs & Fylde) v 16 Nicola Gilmore-Coupe (Merseyside)
17 Elaine Jones (North Shropshire) v 18 Jackie Fraser (South Yorkshire)
19 Anita Richardson (Merseyside) v 20 Chloe Hirst (Yorkshire)
21 Sue Gawne (Isle of Man) v 22 Dawn Parkes (Staffordshire)
23 Sonia Robson (North Warwickshire) v 24 Sarah Weaver (Shropshire)
25 Lynn Clarke (North Midlands) v 26 Sharon Rigden (Lancashire)*
27 Sarah Skidmore (Dudley & District) v 28 Mia Benton (South Staffordshire)
29 Catherine Lockwood (North Lancs & Fylde) v 30 Aileen Coleman (Wales)*
31 Liz Roscoe (Mid Cheshire) v 32 Kirsty Darling (Warwick & Worcester)
33 Sheila Wilson (North Derbyshire) v 34 Amy Tobin (Yorkshire)
35 Sheila Speed (Greater Manchester) v 36 Wendy Jackson (Burton & District)*
37 Vikki Wilson (South Staffordshire) v 38 Cheryl Caswell (Shropshire)*
39 Donna Stancliffe (South Yorkshire) v 40 Karen Galvin (Cheshire)*
41 Jane Cooper (Staffordshire) v 42 Helen Hinton (North Shropshire)
43 Lynsey Gorman (Merseyside) v 44 Nicola Boulton (Mid Cheshire)*
45 Clair Russell (North Lancs & Fylde)* v 46 Wendy Smart (North Warwickshire)
47 Emily Kernick (Warwick & Worcester)* v 48 Belinda Lloyd (Wales)
49 Janet Hargreaves (Staffordshire)* v 50 Alyson Evans (North Warwickshire)*
51 Viv Hampton (Cheshire) v 52 Andrea Ainley (South Yorkshire)*
53 Carol Verdon (North Midlands)* v 54 Barbara Harrison (Burton & District)
55 Kaye Coulthard (Dudley & District) v 56 Jasmine Kendall (Yorkshire)
57 Di Foster (North Shropshire)* v 58 Mary Fox (Lancashire)
59 Alexis Lunn-Gadd (Yorkshire)* v 60 Julie Bonnar (North Derbyshire)
61 Amanda Nicholas (Wales) v 62 Jenny Moore (Isle of Man)*
63 Emily Rhodes (South Staffordshire) v 64 Louise Ollerton (Greater Manchester)

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Throughout his bowling career Steve has always supported the admin side of the game as well as a keen player of the game. As a club secretary, association secretary, county delegate on the BCGBA (National Governing Body) Management Committee, Media Officer for the BCGBA, Merseyside champion in 2002 and Merseyside County President (2014-15) Steve has always been keen to promote the game especially through the broadcast of the game on TV or Internet. Steve set up the LIVE BOWLS YouTube channel which became the Bowls Observer channel and, through the LDBA, runs national competitions. Seeing an avenue to report on and promote the game Steve set up the Bowls Observer on-line magazine.