Keith Pessall claims Veterans Trophy

BCGBA Veterans Handicap Trophy Winner Keith Pessall with BCGBA President Ken Howarth

The BCGBA Veterans Handicap Trophy was won by Keith Pessall. Keith was in dominant form on a challenging green and beat Nigel McDermott in the final.

The event was very kindly sponsored by The Grocott Family Charitable Trust and was played at the Prees Cricket and Recreation Club in Shropshire.

For more information on the BCGBA competitions this year please visit the competitions page on the BCGBA website.

The scores are below and the link to the video of the final is at the end.

First round

Mike Chamberlain 21 Tom Baxter 17

BCGBA Veterans Handicap Trophy Finalists
with BCGBA President Ken Howarth

Tony Eades 17 David Cowsill 21

Steve Marshall 10 John Metters 21

Tony Aubury 20 Steve Davis 21

Phillip Goulding 21 Peter Illidge 16

Martin Bacon 11 Keith Pessall 21

Chris Lord 13 Neil Sherbrooke 21

Joe Melvin 21 Stuart Smith 16

Les Holmes 21 Paul Walton 20

Mark Melvin 14 Tony Sullivan 21

Barrie Sadler W/0

BCGBA Veterans Merit runner-up Nigel McDermott
with BCGBA President Ken Howarth

Paul Harris 21 Dave Harvey 10

Bob Renke 20 Barry Harris 21

Ray Taylor 21 Andy Proctor 20

Mike Fieldhouse 21 Tony Freeth 19

Ronnie Newton 15 Nigel McDermott 21

Second round

Mike Chamberlain 12 David Cowsill 21

John Metters 14 Steve Davis 21

Phillip Goulding 17 Keith Pessall 21

Neil Sherbrooke 21 Joe Melvin 18

Les Holmes 21 Tony Sullivan 17

Barrie Sadler 12 Paul Harris 21

Barry Harris 12 Ray Taylor 21

Mike Fieldhouse 17 Nigel McDermott 21

Quarter finals

David Cowsill 09 Steve Davis 21

Keith Pessall 21 Neil Sherbrooke 19

Les Holmes 21 Paul Harris 20

Ray Taylor 13 Nigel McDermott 21


Steve Davis 16 Keith Pessall 21

Les Holmes 20 Nigel McDermott 21


Keith Pessall 21 Nigel McDermott 09


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