Waterloo last 32 update – Smith the favourite

Greg Smith

Greg Smith is the clear favourite to win this year’s Waterloo. Already the favourite the young man from the midlands saw his main rival Wayne Ditchfield succumb to Noel Burrows years of experience.

In the morning Andy Thornton got the better of Mick Prescott and Paul Dale had too much to Kevin Kelly-Walley.

Gareth Gwilliam played well to beat Simon Hargreaves but the eyes of most of the spectators were on the Noel Burrows and Wayne Ditchfield. Noel had the better start and Wayne had to play some great bowls to stay in it. In truth the fantastic second bowls Wayne played so well to win it two years ago nearly but not quite came off. Noel’s experience on this green is worth so much in these short games

Michael Sweeney and Ian Grady both were reasonably comfortable winners and play each other tomorrow.

Mike Tunstall just got the better of Carl Armitage, surviving what he described as shocking luck to do it, and he plays Glynn Cookson tomorrow as Andy Spragg couldn’t live with Glynn in the last few ends.

Tom Brown and Jamie Bramley both played better on each others jacks but Tom chipped out. Greg Smith showed his class by not giving Kev Shaw much chance at all. 

Gary Wike and John Kennish had a really good game, to be honest John will be wondering what else he could have done. Both played really well to their own jacks.

Kevin Nicholas just got out at the last end as Steve Waugh battled so well.

The bearded Stuart King had too much Tony Mellor who will be regretting his poor start to the game.

Ashley Daykin played far too well for Brian Smith, the Smith radar not tuned and the Daykin radar on top form

A thriller between Darren Woodend and Ady Hodgon just went the way of the Barrow man and the last game of the day saw Lee Johnstone have too much for Matty Worden. 

Last 32 results:

Mick Prescott (Chorley) 15 v Andy Thornton (Barrow) 21
Paul Dale (Congleton) 21 v Kevin Kelly Walley (Burton) 10
Gareth Gwilliam (Hyde) 21 v Simon Hargreaves (Preston) 15
Noel Burrows (Stockport) 21 v Wayne Ditchfield (Wigan) 14
Bob Whyatt (Cheshire) 16 v Michael Sweeney (Huddersfield) 21
Ian Grady (Skelmersdale) 21 v Phil Wainwright (Frodsham) 15
Mike Tunstall (Liverpool) 21 v Carl Armitage (Warrington) 16
Andy Spragg (Chesterfield) 18 v Glynn Cookson (Winsford) 21
Jamie Bramley (Stockport) 18 v  Tom Brown (Burton) 21
Kevan Shaw (Westhoughton) 9 v Greg Smith (Birmingham) 21
John Kennish (IOM) 11 v Gary Wike (Leeds) 21
Steve Waugh (Barrow) 19 v Kevin Nicholas (Wrexham) 21
Tony Meller (Heywood) 17 v Stuart King (Huddersfield) 21
Brian Smith (Derby) 8 v Ashley Daykin (Huddersfield) 21
Ady Hodgon (Blackburn) 20 v Darren Woodend (Barrow) 21
Matty Worden (Ellesmere Port) 17 v Lee Johnstone (Warrington) 21

Draw for tomorrow:

Andy Thornton (Barrow) v Paul Dale (Congleton)
Gareth Gwilliam (Hyde) v Noel Burrows (Stockport)
Michael Sweeney (Huddersfield) v Ian Grady (Skelmersdale)
Mike Tunstall (Liverpool) v Glynn Cookson (Winsford)
Tom Brown (Burton) v Greg Smith (Birmingham)
Gary Wike (Leeds) vKevin Nicholas (Wrexham)
Stuart King (Huddersfield) v Ashley Daykin (Huddersfield)
Darren Woodend (Barrow) v Lee Johnstone (Warrington)

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