Men’s county fixtures – to infinity and beyond…. well 2024!

With only the finals to contend of this years Endsleigh Insurance County Championship thoughts are already turning to next years competition.

This year marked the end of the current five-year cycle so a new draw for the next five years has been done by the good old officials at the BCGBA.

Two of this years semi-finalists meet in group games next year. So can Derbyshire and Shropshire get revenge over Warwick and Worcs and Merseyside? They should both be repeats of the lively and emotional games from, at the time of writing, last weekend.

The participation of the Isle of Man has still to be confirmed. If they are able to take part their matches will most likely be played on Saturdays due to the greater options of flights to and from the island. If they are able to play then they will be in group 4.

In all years the winners of the groups go through to the semi-finals where the winners of group 1 play the winners of group 2 and obviously group 3 play group 4 etc..

Fixtures for 2020 (Year 1)

3rd May

Group 1 – Derbyshire v Warwick & Worcs, Staffordshire v Cheshire.

Group 2 – North Lancs and Fylde v Yorkshire, Gtr Manchester v Potteries & Dist.

Group 3 – Merseyside v Cumbria, Shropshire v South Yorkshire.

Group 4 – Wales v Lancashire

7th June

Group 1 – Derbyshire v Staffordshire, Warwick and Worcs v Cheshire.

Group 2 – North Lancs and Fylde v Gtr Manchester, Yorkshire v Potteries and Dist.

Group 3 – Merseyside v Shropshire, Cumbria v South Yorkshire.

Group 4 – North Midlands v loser of May fixture

5th July

Group 1 – Derbyshire v Cheshire, Warwick and Worcs v Staffordshire.

Group 2 – North Lancs and Fylde v Potteries and Dist, Yorkshire v Gtr Manchester.

Group 3 – Merseyside v South Yorkshire, Cumbria v Shropshire.

Group 4 – North Midlands v winner of May fixture

2021 (Year 2)

Group 1 – Derbyshire, North Lancs and Fylde, Merseyside & Wales

Group 2 – Warwick & Worcs, Yorkshire, South Yorkshire & Lancashire

Group 3 – Staffordshire, Potteries & Dist, Cumbria & Isle of Man

Group 4 – Cheshire, Gtr Manchester, Shropshire & North Midlands

2022 (Year 3)

Group 1 – Derbyshire, Gtr Manchester, Cumbria & Lancashire

Group 2 – Warwick & Worcs, Potteries & Dist, Shropshire & Wales

Group 3 – Cheshire, North Lancs and Fylde, South Yorkshire & Isle of Man

Group 4 – Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Merseyside & North Midlands

2023 (Year 4)

Group 1 – Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Isle of Man

Group 2 – Staffordshire, Gtr Manchester, South Yorkshire & Wales

Group 3 – Cheshire, Potteries & Dist, Merseyside & Lancashire

Group 4 – Warwick & Worcs, North Lancs and Fylde, Cumbria & North Midlands

2024 (Year 5)

Group 1 – Warwick & Worcs, Gtr Manchester, Merseyside & Isle of Man

Group 2 – Staffordshire, North Lancs and Fylde, Shropshire & Lancashire

Group 3 – Cheshire, Yorkshire, Cumbria & Wales

Group 4 – Derbyshire, Potteries & Dist, South Yorkshire & North Midlands

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