County results – Shropshire win game of the day

The first round of County Championship matches brought a number of close games as well as some convincing victories. The first result was a close win for Staffordshire over Merseyside. 

In Merseyside’s home venue at the Mossley Hill Bowling Club set on a hill in picturesque south Liverpool. This artificial green is one of a number whose increasing use is not 100% welcome.

Although widely seen to be important to the future of the game the use of artificial greens has seen a number of counties attempt to prevent their use. Currently all attempts to prevent their use have been rejected. 

Merseyside’s Phil Lee

This small and tricky green has already proved to be a reliable home venue for the Merseyside men. With some of the Staffordshire men struggling to get used to this quick & slick surface, and the banter flowing as quickly as the drink, the Merseyside men claimed nine winners on the way to a fifty-three point win. Phil Lee led the way beating Nathan Dawes (21-06).

At the Staffordshire home venue of Hammerwich in Burntwood the home players were even better. Thanks in no small part to having a single figure win in every block they claimed ten winners on the way to a sixty-nine point win. Ben Dixon claimed the best win over Ryan Walters (21-06).

Wales home team

The other game in their group saw a convincing win for Wales over Gtr Manchester. 

The Welsh men bounced back from a disappointing season to beat a Manchester team hoping to repeat an impressive 2018 season. A hugely impressive win in both legs saw the Welsh men claim fifteen wins and a thirty one point win. 

Leighton Roberts

At the Manchester home leg of Ashton Cricket Club Leighton Roberts beat home star Dean Ferris (21-13). 

The Welsh men were in full control from early on at Broughton and Bretton thanks to Andy Delooze (21-03) and Kevin Nicholas (21-08). Though Robbie Ellis will be prod of his win for the Manchester men (21-04). 

Probably the most anticipated game was the battle, which it most certainly was, between Shropshire and Yorkshire. This game was a repeat of the 2009, 2011 and 2016 finals which saw the Yorkshire men claim two trophies. Today though it was a tale of revenge for the Shropshire men.

Jon Palmer with his Waterloo trophy

At the Yorkshire venue, Crosland Moor, the Shropshire men were thankful for two huge wins. Debutant Jon Palmer and Callum Wraight both won 21-06. Yorkshire were indebted to Jack Dyson (21-08) for being able to claim a nine point home leg victory as news from Shropshire filtered through.

Shropshire’s Callum Wraight

At Newport Bowling Clubs number two green the Shropshire men were in control. Although James Davison (21-07) kept the Yorkshire men in the battle the coup de grace was delivered by Wayne Rogers (21-08). The early dominance by the home men proving so important in this close win by five points overall. 

The other group game saw things a little more clear cut as North Lancs and Fylde eased to a forty point win over Cumbria. 

The Cumbrian home leg in Barrow (North Scale BC) saw an impressive win by the North Lancs visitors. Tommy King led the way (21-05) ably assisted by Stuart Mort (21-10) and although a Cumbrian late fight back led by Dave Jones (21-09) they couldn’t prevent a North Lancs win by eleven points. 

Down the M6 in Preston the home venue of Bamber Bridge Catholic Club saw a closer game. The Cumbrian visitors were in the game until a last block double of Derek Ainsworth (21-05) and Michael Leach (21-09) saw the Preston men home. 

Group two contains just three teams as Isle of Man were not able to secure funding to guarantee their participation this year. This meant the reigning champions Warwick and Worcester had the day off. They looked on as Cheshire played South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire claimed a narrow win home and away. In Northwich at the Rudheath Club Jonathan Sneddon claimed a hugely impressive win (21-07) as the team claimed seven winners. A mention though to Steve Curbishley (21-04) as the Cheshire men looked the sneak a home leg win. 

Both decisive game wins in the last block and it was the same at Dearne Sports in Rotherham as Lee Johnstone (21-07) for Cheshire and Andrew Sorsby (21-08) for South Yorkshire saw the game out. It was just enough in the games for the South Yorkshire men as every bowl had something on it.

The biggest win of the day saw Potteries ease past Lancashire. The Potteries men have a better recent history than Lancashire men and probably went into this game as slight favourites.

Kerry Morris

In Stoke at the tricky Florence club it was a dominant display by the home men. Only Kevan Shaw (21-20) could claim a win for the Lancashire men as the Potters, led by Oat cake specialist Kerry Morris (21-06) registered a seventy-three point win. 

At the legendary Garswood Hall club it was just as impressive for the Potteries men. Although Paul Winrow (21-09) was impressive for Lancashire the Potteries men responded as the tow Matts, Matthew Hill (21-10) and Matt Fellows (21-12), saw an eleven point away win from seven winners. 

The other game saw the 2017 winners North Midlands lose both legs to Derbyshire. Prior to the game the money was on North Midlands to record a victory on the way to trying to reclaim the trophy. Derbyshire found the form that took them to the final in 2008 and 2013. 

At the tricky Dunlop club in Coventry Steve Adams and Paul Hawker (both 21-08) led the way and although Tyler Dewis responded (21-09) it was the away men who won by a single point. 

Over in Derby at the Co-op club North Midlands got off to a good start thanks to Matt Horton (21-12) but Richard Gill (21-09) helped the Derby men to eight winners and a twenty-four point win.

Attention now turns to the next round of fixtures on Sunday 2nd June. This is the last chance for teams who lost the first game to remain in with a chance of qualifying for the semi-finals.

Fixtures for
Sunday Jun 2nd
Section 1North MidlandsVLancashire
Section 1DerbyshireVPotteries & District
Section 2CheshireVWarwick & Worcester
Section 3CumbriaVYorkshire
Section 3North Lancs & FyldeVShropshire
Section 4Greater ManchesterVMerseyside
Section 4WalesVStaffordshire

Results for Sun May 5th

WonAggHome TeamVenueAway TeamAggWonMargin
8233DerbyshireDerby Co-opNorth Midlands2094+24
6197North MidlandsDunlop No.2Derbyshire1986-1
14431DerbyshireCombinedNorth Midlands40610+25
11251Potteries &
Florence T & B No.1 GreenLancashire1781+73
5203LancashireGarswood Hall Bc No1 GreenPotteries & District2147-11
18465Potteries & DistrictCombinedLancashire3816+84
WonAggHome TeamVenueAway TeamAggWonMargin
5198CheshireRudheath BowlsSouth Yorkshire1966+2
7219South YorkshireDearne SportsCheshire2065+13
13415South YorkshireCombinedCheshire40410+11
WonAggHome TeamVenueAway TeamAggWonMargin
7204CumbriaNorth Scale Bowling ClubNorth Lancs & Fylde2155-11
7232North Lancs & FyldeBamber Bridge Catholic (brownedge)Cumbria2035+29
12447North Lancs & FyldeCombinedCumbria40712+40
7204YorkshireCrosland Moor B. C.Shropshire1955+9
7217ShropshireNewport No 2Yorkshire2035+14
WonAggHome TeamVenueAway TeamAggWonMargin
4210Greater ManchesterAshton Cc Wales2138-3
7202WalesBroughton And Bretton Bowling ClubGreater Manchester1765+26
15415WalesCombinedGreater Manchester3869+29
9237MerseysideMossley Hill AthleticStaffordshire1843+53
10240StaffordshireHammerwich BcMerseyside1712+69

Full scores from games played Sunday 5th May

Played at Derby Co-op
PosDerbyshireScoreScoreNorth Midlands
1Gareth Nash1221Matt Horton Man Of Match
2Dan Petcher1721Shane Day
3Adam Hartley2113Russell Prosser
4Darren Carter2115Ben Lynch
5Conor Chamberlain2117Andy Gibbs
6Richard Gill219Ben Percival
7Ed Wallis1721Dane Hopwood
8Nigel Iliff2115Michael Lynch
9Dan Hartley2119Matty Allen
10Ed Furniss1921Peter Varney
11Matt Kelly-walley2118Jordie Baddeley
12John Dewey2119Stuart Perry
Played at Dunlop’s No 2
PosNorth MidlandsScoreScoreDerbyshire
1Darren Plenderleith215Jon Guess
2Paul Lamb821Steve Adams
3Steve Pratt921Craig Shore
4Lenny Fulleylove1721Phil Clapham
5Tyler Dewis219Richard Peach
6Natty Tonks2117Dan Golpin
7Liam Dennis1421Adam Stubbs
8Darren Tring2120John Finch
9Daniel Edkins2111Matt Bradwell
10Scott Horbury2110Andy Milsom
11Richard Mnr Burdett821Paul Hawker
12Stuart Nash1521Ian Brown

At Florence T&B
PosPotteries & DistrictScoreScoreLancashire
1Gary Owen2114Chris Cooke
2Mark Melvin2110John Durrands
3Martin Hallam2120Jack Marrow
4Kevin Boon2115Danny Mayers
5Kerry Morris Man Of Match216Chris Morrison
6Joe Melvin2021Kevan Shaw
7Chris Kearns2115Ray Bevington
8Mark Norcup2116Stuart Hodson
9Andy Ferris2116Andy Morrison
10Darren Stanway2118Steve Gilfedder
11Richard Clay2117Micheal Heap
12Lee Brown2110Damien Morrison
At Garswood Hall No 1
PosLancashireScoreScorePotteries & District
1John Crossley2112Joe Williamson
2John Brown1621Josh Towey
3Paul Winrow219Gareth Stanway
4Neil Bithell1621Paul Dale
5Barry Simm1221Matt Fellows
6Ryan Semmens2117Aaron Jones
7David Higginbottom1721Anthony Lloyd
8Mark Britton1421Jon Price
9Harvey Birch2114Lee Dale
10Chris Hook1321Steve Parkin
11Neil Rodgers2115Paul Charlesworth
12Duncan Watkins1021Matthew Hill
At Rudheath BC
PosCheshireScoreScoreSouth Yorkshire
1Tom Vickers1521Richard Atkin
2Andy Hamman1821Paul Wildgoose
3Dave Obrien (vc)1921Andrew Turner
4Danny Nixon2110Matthew Bower
5Robert Winnington (c)2118Barry Connolly
6Glynn Cookson1521Stuart Thompson
7Mike Yearsley2119Paul Bailey
8Adi Faulkner00Andrew Whitaker
9Steve Curbishley214Joe Westall
10Neal Ocego1921Dean Missere
11Jason Cornes2119Gary Hanson
12Steve Morrey721Jonathan Sneddon
At Dearne Sports
PosSouth YorkshireScoreScoreCheshire
1Chris Brown1921Tommy Johnstone
2Kevin Nixon2115Phil Davies
3Ross Meese2116Carl Armitage (vc)
4Danny Sillitoe1321Dave Phillips
5Chris Kelly2114Noel Burrows
6Jack Clarke2119Dave Jackson
7Nick White1521Jamie Bramley
8Glyn Davies1821Andy Birtles
9Ryan Clark2119Larry Wells
10Richard Jackson721Lee Johnstone
11Mark Booth2110Neil Smith
12Andrew Sorsby218Ben Phillips (c)
At Crosland Moor
1Scott Fisher2115Michael Beer
2Craig Gant2113Andy Moss
3Dave Fox621Jon Palmer Man Of Match
4Graeme Wilson2118Colin Beaman
5James Martin621Callum Wraight
6Kevin Burns2021Martin Lloyd
7Ashley Tattersley2114Sam Millward
8Josh Brown2111Peter Farmer
9Liam Griffin1421Paul Reeves
10Jack Dyson218Adrian Rowe
11Ashley Daykin1121Rich Goddard
12Robert Hitchen (c)2111Andy Duckett
At Newport No 2
1Spencer Clarke2116James Hanson
2Darren Wellings2113Josh Mordue
3Scott Harries2118Thomas Hanson
4Clay Flattley1321Wayne Moseley
5Stuart Rutter2114Stuart King
6Glyn Herbert2113Gareth Coates
7Wayne Phillips2116Kieran Smith
8Ashley Wellings1721Gary Siswick
9Tom Roden1921Ian Booth
10Paul Evans1421Chris Mordue
11Kiah Roberts721James Davison (c)
12Wayne Rogers218Mark Regan
At North Scale BC
PosCumbriaScoreScoreNorth Lancs & Fylde
1Baz Lowden1921Andrew Cairns
2Martin Barrow521Thomas King
3Chris Irvine Man Of Match2111James Grimston
4Zach Walker2119John Bottomley
5Gareth Jones1021Stuart Mort
6Darren Woodend1121John Whittaker
7Andy Armstrong2116Darren Edmondson
8Mark Coulter2117Tim Barnett
9Kieran Clark2119Steve Clamp
10Paul Thompson2119Dave Worthington
11Dave Jones219Mel Byron
12Adam Miller1221Ian Nicholson
At Bamber Bridge
Catholic Club
PosNorth Lancs & FyldeScoreScoreCumbria
1Ashleigh Woof1821Ian France
2Lyndon Carr1721Dan Varcoe
3Owen Jackson2117Graham Law
4Peter Hawkes2120Martin Wilson
5David Watters1721Ira Collier Man Of Match
6Simon Coupe2114Mark Ashburn
7Brian Morgan1721Steve Carruthers
8Dean Butler2117Danny Rogers
9Sam Patterson2116Darren Naylor
10Derek Ainsworth215Liam Baxter
11Michael Leach219Paul Kissock
12Jon Metters1621Matty Stewart
At Ashton Cricket Club
PosGreater ManchesterScoreScoreWales
1Dean Ferris1321Leighton Roberts
2David Walker1421John Bonatti
3Matt Gillies2116Ian Dutton
4Chris Heyes2113Richard Zolman
5Paul Heap1121Ian M Jones
6Tim Holt1921Craig Griffiths
7Ben Gloag1621Nick Jones
8Charlie Roberts1921Martin Jones
9Jimmy Hynes216Daniel Hughes
10Andy Raymond2110Adam Penlington
11John Davies1821Graham Rogers
12John Ashton1621Andrew Hughes
At Broughton &
Bretton BC
PosWalesScoreScoreGreater Manchester
1Jason Jones1321Gary Ellis
2Kris Charlton2117Darren Griffiths
3Andy Delooze213Paul Leah
4Kevin Nicholas218Andy Lowe
5Robin Bennett2111Andy Murray
6Mark Parry421Robbie Ellis Man Of Match
7Kris Fearnley1221Tom Eccles
8Lewis Scott219Nick Turrell
9Mike Riley2110Jack Hargreaves
10John Short2113Dean Hibbert
11Geraint Booth1621Ben Stapleton
12Paul Walley1021Gareth Gwillam
At Mossley Hill
Athletic Club
1Phil Lee216Nathan Dawes
2Terry Glover2021Mark Jones Man Of Match
3Mike Havern2112Nick Wyer
4Peter Jones2112Reece Farr
5Danny Barwise Capt2111Jamie Wyer
6Mike Tunstall 2120Kevin Hocknull
7Tex Allen2118Robert Perry
8Robbie Fitzpatrick1121Daniel Davies
9Josh Bunting2116Paul Busby
10Lee Downing219Jason Westwood
11George Curran1721Nick Newey
12Owen Doyle2117Peter Cookson
At Hammerwich BC
1Scott Simpson1121Matty Gilmore
2Chris Ward218Andy Hayes
3Aaron Tapper2112James Whalley
4Stuart Edwards2117Ian Sherbrooke
5David East2117Nick Burridge Capt
6Glynn Storer217Neil Sherbrooke
7Craig Barker2113Brian Hanlon
8Darrell Handley2116Chris Barton
9Dan Bodley1921Nigel Hughes 
10Ben Dixon216Ryan Walters
11Kevin Handley2114Anthony Thompson
12Gordon Hawkins2119Dave Mcdermott
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