Mathew Worden is the junior champion

 The biggest prize in the under 18 game, the 2018 BCGBA Junior Merit (sponsored by Total Insignia Ltd),  was proudly claimed for Wales by Mathew Worden.

He was just too good for them all at the Netherseal Sports Club in Derbyshire as the cream of the junior game tried to write their name on the juniors honours board.

Matty has enjoyed a successful season against the seniors as he qualified for the Senior Merit and will be amongst those battling for the Waterloo Handicap title.

In the final Matty had a battle against Birmingham’s Shannon Kernick who has claimed the Ladies association version of this event as well this year’s junior Waterloo.

It’s fair to say that with the success both players have had this year that a lot is now expected of them.

At the bottom of the page is the link to watch the programme kindly supported by the BCGBA and their sponsors.

Full results

Last 32:

Tom Wiltshire (South Yorkshire) 21 v Zoe Stratton (Merseyside) 20, Aaron Hayhurst (NL&F) 21 v Robert Mills (Cheshire) 12

James Mather (Lancashire) 07 v Louie Furniss (Derbyshire) 21, Mathew Packett (Potteries) 13 v Kieran Jones (Shropshire) 21

Ethan Wareing (Yorkshire) 21 v George Chapman (North Midlands) 20, Kieron McGarry (Gtr Manchester) 21 v Joe Dicken (Staffordshire) 10

Callum Sharples (Cumbria) 21 v Bethany Kennish (IOM) 09, Sam Williams (Wales) 12 v Shannon Kennick (W&W) 21

Josh Furniss (Derbyshire) 21 v Ben Mills (NL&F) 10, Owen Turner (Merseyside) 21 v Philip Young (Lancashire) 12

Nathan Crocombe (W&W) 21 v Jack Last (Cumbria) 18, Mark Bushell (Cheshire) 08 v Mathew Worden (Wales) 21

Liam Dennis (North Midlands) 21 v Dillon Christopher (South Yorkshire) 14, Glenn Boland (IOM) 21 v Tom Prosser (Gtr Manchester) 20

Harry Church (Shropshire) 21 v Tom Farmer (Potteries) 10, Cody Everitt (Staffordshire) 11 v Sam Farmer (Yorkshire) 21

Last 16:

Tom Wiltshire 21 v Aaron Hayhurst 16, Louie Furniss 21 v Kieran Jones 13

Ethan Wareing 17 v Kieron McGarry 21, Callum Sharples 19 v Shannon Kernick 21

Josh Furniss 16 v Owen Turner 21, Nathan Crocombe 20 v Mathew Worden 21

Liam Dennis 21 v Glenn Boland 13, Harry Church 21 v Sam Church 06

Last 8:

Tom Wiltshire 13 v Louie Furniss 21, Kieron McGarry 14 v Shannon Kernick 21

Owen Turner 09 v Mathew Worden 21, Liam Dennis 17 v Harry Church 21


Louie Furniss 12 v Shannon Kernick 21, Mathew Worden 21 v Harry Church 11


Shannon Kernick 17 v Mathew Worden 21


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