Senior County update and next year’s fixtures

Lancashire v Warwick & Worcester

The BCGBA Endsleigh Insurance Senior County Championship has now completed its group stages with, once again, many a battle and surprise for the successful teams to overcome.

The full results are on the bowling results website so if you would like the please click here


Section by Section

Section 1 was won by Warwick and Worcester. They claimed narrow wins in all their group games with the first game against Lancashire featured in one of our articles. This was a game Lancashire could have won but it is to Warwick & Worcs credit that they know how to get over the winning line. The game against Greater Manchester saw one of the rare times when both away teams won their games.

Section 2 was claimed by Merseyside who won a tense shoot-out against North Midlands (with Cheshire also in the frame) in the last game. They will be hoping to find another convincing home win after dominating two excellent Shropshire and North Midlands teams.

Section 3 saw a dominant Potteries team trying to go one better than last year. The home form was the key for them and, as in only a three team group, have been able to preserve home greens.

Section 4 saw another tense finish as South Yorkshire won the derby against Yorkshire in an unbelievably close finish. They won five of the last eight games to change a ten point deficit into a four point win. The group and bragging rights are theirs.

Semi-final line-up

The semi-finals of the BCGBA Senior County Championship have therefore a couple of intriguing games.

Prescot Manor Bowling Club in Prescot on the outskirts of Liverpool

Warwick Worcs, the most successful county in the last decade, take Merseyside to Solihull Tennis & Cricket Club with the game between Ryan Prosser and Danny Barwise standing out in the first set of games. Merseyside’s Ryan Walters will face a huge challenge against Greg Smith but it is a contest that the young man, undoubtedly both young men, will be up for.

Merseyside are using Prescot Manor on the outskirts of Liverpool and John Ashcroft will be hoping to slow down the serial sprinter called Ben Harris. The game between Robbie Fitzpatrick and Anthony Bracken should also be a contest to savour.

Potteries, beaten in the final last year, play South Yorkshire on the new all-weather green at Biddulph Recreation Club with Gareth Stanway against Chris Brown starting proceedings. South Yorkshire take Potteries to Woodlands Park Social with Kevin Nixon playing Gary Owen in the number 1 game.

The full team sheets are on the bowling results website in the BCGBA Senior’s section.

Meole Brace Bowling Club in Shropshire

Supplementary Championship

On the same day the supplementary county championship takes place at Meole Brace in Shropshire.

The winner will receive the Mel Higham Trophy and the eight teams are Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Midlands, Staffordshire, Wales and Yorkshire.




The 2019 BCGBA Endsleigh Insurance Senior County Championship

The big news from the last BCGBA Rules Revision meeting was the change to allow games played on the Isle of Man to take place on Saturday’s. This has meant frenzied work on the Isle of Man as officials consult their sponsors and make travel plans for next season.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4
Derbyshire Cheshire Cumbria Greater Manchester
North Midlands South Yorkshire North Lancs & Fylde Wales
Potteries Warwick & Worcs Yorkshire Merseyside
Lancashire Isle of Man Shropshire Staffordshire

The collapse of ‘Citywings’ put paid to the private flights they arranged when they joined the county championship. The Saturday fixtures will enable a wider choice of flights to get the teams to and from the island and this can only be good for the development of the game on the island.

Once the plans, which must include dreaded word ‘funding’, has been finalised we should be able to see the return of the Isle of Man to the county championship. I’m sure that the a game in the Isle of Man will be popular with away teams.

The Isle of Man have a tough set of games with two of this year’s semi-finalists, in Warwick and Worcester and South Yorkshire, and Cheshire who lost in the final a couple of years ago. Welcome back lads!

Isle of Man Men’s county team

Senior County fixtures 2019

Saturday 4th May

Section 2: Isle of Man v Warwick & Worcs

Sunday 5th May

Section 1: Derbyshire v North Midland, Potteries v Lancashire

Section 2: Cheshire v South Yorkshire

Section 3: Cumbria v North Lancs & Fylde, Yorkshire v Shropshire

Section 4: Gtr Manchester v Wales, Merseyside v Staffordshire

Saturday 1st June

Isle of Man v South Yorkshire

Sunday 2nd June

Section 1: Derbyshire v Potteries, North Midlands v Lancashire

Section 2: Cheshire v Warwick & Worcs

Section 3: Cumbria v Yorkshire, North Lancs & Fylde v Shropshire

Section 4: Gtr Manchester v Merseyside, Wales v Staffordshire

Saturday 6th July

Isle of Man v Cheshire

Sunday 7th July

Section 1: Derbyshire v Lancashire, North Midland v Potteries

Section 2: South Yorkshire v Warwick & Worcs

Section 3: Cumbria v Shropshire, North Lancs & Fylde v Yorkshire

Section 4: Gtr Manchester v Staffordshire, Wales v Merseyside

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