Four stars in Wigan Subs Finals Night

Wigan Subscription Club

One of the game’s premier competitions has a finals night line up to make the mouth water on Sunday. A bumper crowd is expected at the Wigan Subscription Club to see four of the best players in the game battle it out to be this year’s champion.

The scorching recent weather has not defeated the efforts of the greensman and the club. The work done last winter has provided an excellent surface and this has been rewarded with some excellent games to keep the crowd happy.

Simon Coupe

The first semi-finalist is Simon Coupe. Simon needs no introduction and has been one of the very top players in the game for over thirty years and has a long list of impressive triumphs. These include the Junior Waterloo in 1987 and two-time Autumn Waterloo titles. Simon beat David Molyneux in the quarter-final after beating local star Chris Cooke on the last 16.

Chris Ward

Simon plays Staffordshire’s Chris Ward. Chris won this event a few years ago on his first entry. Chris plays for the famous M&B Cheslyn Hay and is known for his effortless delivery. Chris beat two Lancashire stars, Lee Heaton in the quarter-final and Duncan Watkins in the last 16.

Mike Tunstall

The second semi-final will be a battle between Mike Tunstall and Wayne Ditchfield. Mike has been one of the best players on the competition circuit for many years and has a number of titles to his name including the Dennis Mercer Memorial at Houldsworth. Mike beat Gary Ellis in the quarter-final and Lancashire’s David Higginbottom in the last 16.

Wayne Ditchfield

Wayne Ditchfield is one of the leaders of the new generation of players who have gone to the top of the competition circuit. Wayne has been the winner of multiple Junior Waterloo and BCGBA Junior Merit events and he is the reigning Autumn Waterloo Handicap champion. Wayne beat Michael Beer, reigning Fred.Olsen Cruises BCGBA Champion of Champions winner, in the quarter-final and Bob Hitchen in the last 16.

This evening of bowls should some of the best you could hope to see. Play starts at 6:30pm this Sunday.


Simon Coupe v Chris Ward
Mike Tunstall v Wayne Ditchfield

All matches start at 6:30pm.
Address: Wigan Subscription Bowling Club, Park Crescent, Wigan, WN1 1SA.

Last 16 Round: 24/06/2018
David Molyneux 31 v Harvey Birch 27
Chris Cooke 23 v Simon Coupe 31
David Higginbottom 24 v Mike Tunstall 31
Gary Ellis 31 v James Martin 30

Last 8 Round:
Simon Coupe 31 v David Molyneux 24
Mike Tunstall 31 v Gary Ellis 21

Last 16 Round: 23/06/2018
Wayne Ditchfield 31 v Bob Hitchen 23
Michael Beer 31v Allen Broadhurst 21
Lee Heaton 31v Neil Slattery 24
Chris Ward 31v Duncan Watkins 22

Last 8 Round:
Wayne Ditchfield 31 v Michael Beer 20
Chris Ward 31 v Lee Heaton 24

1st Round: 10/06/2018
Ian Young 31 v Michael Heap 15
Chris Cooke 31 v Mark Britton 19
John Brown 28 v Harvey Birch 31
Nicky Shaw 29 v Dave McDermott 31

2nd Round:
Chris Cooke 31 v Ian Young 21
Harvey Birch 31 v Dave McDermott 21

1st Round: 09/06/2018
Ashley Daykin 26 v David Higginbottom 31
John Crossley 28 v Ian Grady 31
David Molyneux 31 v Graham Law 25
Adie Cowley 31 v Jack Dyson 27

2nd Round:
David Higginbottom 31 v Ian Grady 17
David Molyneux 31 v Adie Cowley 18

1st Round: 03/06/2018
Mike Tunstall 31 v Carl Gregson 27
Chris Bly 31 v Aaron Harrison 29
Keith Robinson 31 v Mike Leach 24
Ben Brooks 16 v Allen Broadhurst 31

2nd Round:
Mike Tunstall 31 v Chris Bly 29
Allen Broadhurst 31 v Keith Robinson 26

1st Round: 02/06/2018
Duncan Watkins 31 v Tom Dennison 19
Callum Wraight 31 v Steve Davies 25
James Martin 31 v Glynn Crank 29
Matt Gillies 14 v Darren Allsopp 31

2nd Round:
Duncan Watkins 31 v Callum Wraight 21
James Martin 31 v Darren Allsopp 21

1st Round: 27/05/2018
Neil Jolley 15 v Simon Coupe 31
Mick Prescott 31 v Paul Winrow 20
Danny Barwise 31 v David Jackson 23
Neil Grant 22 v Bob Hitchen 31

2nd Round:
Simon Coupe 31 v Mick Prescott 22
Bob Hitchen 31 v Danny Barwise 19

1st Round:26/05/2018
Wayne Ditchfield 31 v George Chadwick 22
Craig Gant 31 v Bill Griffiths 6
Tony Gatley 23 v Kevan Shaw 31
Neil Slattery 31 v Bill Simms 21

2nd Round:
Wayne Ditchfield 31 v Craig Gant 16
Neil Slattery 31 v Kevan Shaw 21

1st Round:20/05/2018
Lee Johnstone 18 v Chris Ward 31
Darren Plenderleith 31 v Jack Marrow 15
Ian Dennis 19 v Lee Heaton 31
Josh Hale 31 v Tommy Johnstone 24

2nd Round:
Chris Ward 31 v Darren Plenderleith 26
Lee Heaton 31 v Josh Hale 23

1st Round 19/05/2018
Josh Mordue 27 v Danny Ferris 31
Danny Sillitoe 18 v Gary Ellis 31
Michael Beer 31 v Danny Miller 22
Graeme Wilson 27 v Chris Mordue 31

2nd Round:
Gary Ellis 31 v Danny Ferris 19
Michael Beer 31 v Chris Mordue 28

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