Arthur Land Super Cup 2018

The 2018 Arthur Land Super Cup draw has seen 40 of the best clubs in the game go after the £500 top prize. 

The highlight of the 1st round in the North section sees a Yorkshire v South Yorkshire battle as Sandal take on Woodlands Park. 2016 Champions, Esclusham, take on Meersbrook Park in another potentially thrilling game.

The Southern section sees Staffordshire’s Dudley Dell take on North Midlands Haunchwood and Meole Brace take on West Brom Football Supporters Club. The clubs will be battling to take the title off Greville Arms who have a bye 1st game then will take on the winners of Sir John Bayley and Moseley Cricket Club.

North section 1st round draw

Brooke Hotel v Ashton Cricket

Bye v Gresford Colliery

Bye v Garswood Hall

Llay Miners v Bye

Bye v Bye

Cunliffe v Castle Sports

Woodlands Park v Sandal

Bye v Denby Grange

Hadfield v Maltby

Esclusham v Meersbrook Park


Southern section 1st round draw

Bye v Cradley Sports

Newport v Bye

Belvedere v M&B Cheslyn Hay

Bye v Bye

Bye v Greville Arms

Sir John Bayley v Moseley Cricket

St Georges v Bye

Hanwood v Stretton Anglesey

Dudley Dell v Haunchwood

Bye v Bye

Bye v Florence

Atherstone Cons v Bye

Bye v Foleshill Gas

Bowring v Bye

Queens Park v Bye

Meole Brace v West Brom FSC

Alvaston & Boulton v Bye

Bye v King George V

The George v Bye

Tamworth in Arden v Penn

Bye v Willenhall Nordley

Short Heath Libs v Bye

The finals day will be held on Sunday 14th October at a venue to be chosen soon.