BRIGGS Equipment UK BCGBA British Junior Merit

The BRIGGS Equipment UK Ltd BCGBA British Junior Merit will be streamed live from about 2pm on the Globegig Media live stream channel (the link is below).

The event is taking place at Walsgrave Bowling Club in Coventry so, if you can, please join us as the best juniors in the country contest our national championship.

A huge thanks to BRIGGS Equipment UK for sponsoring the event and to everyone involved with organising the event.

This event will also be able to be viewed on the Globegig Media YouTube channel at a later date.

Please click on this link:

The draw is:

1. Ryan Walters (Merseyside) vs 2. Tom Wiltshire (South Yorkshire)

3. Ryan Dodd (Potteries & District) vs 4. Tyler Dewis (North Midlands)

5. Jordan Bradbury (Warwick & Worcs) vs 6. Zach Walker (Cumbria)

7. Ashley Downing (Staffordshire) vs 8. James McNee (Isle of Man)

9. Sam Williams (Wales) vs 10. Nathan Hargreaves (N Lancs & Fylde)

11. Liam Mercer (Greater Manchester) vs 12. Matthew Greenwood (Lancashire)

13. Matty Worden (Cheshire) vs 14. Owen Sherriff (Derbyshire)

15. Curtis Metcalfe (Shropshire) vs 16. Bailey Rice (Yorkshire)

17. Patrick Southern (Merseyside) vs 18. Dillon Christopherson (South Yorkshire)

19. Stefan Kelly (Isle of Man) vs 20. Ben Stockdale (Yorkshire)

21. Jack Bushell (Cheshire) vs 22. Aaron King (Shropshire)

23. Kieron McGarry (Greater Manchester) vs 24. Liam Dennis (North Midlands)

25. Jack Farmer (Potteries & District) vs 26. Jack Whitehead (Warwick & Worcs)

27. Dan Bodley (Staffordshire) vs 28. Daniel Edmondson (Lancashire)

29. Ethan Lowden (Cumbria) vs 30. Danielle Eccles (N Lancs & Fylde)

31. Will Mosley (Derbyshire) vs 32. Andrew Armstrong (Wales)

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