FLOWFIT British Senior Merit

BCGBA LOGOThe BCGBA Senior Individual Merit sponsored by FLOWFIT will be streamed live from Llay Miners Welfare Club, Wrexham LL12 0TH, on Saturday 30th July.

See all the action live from 2.00pm straight through to the presentation.


It promises to be another great day of Crown Green Bowls. Admission is £10 & play commences at 10.00am.

The Programme will be produced by GLOBEGIG MEDIA TV and will be FREE TO VIEW thanks to funding from the BCGBA and sponsors. The programme is due to commence at 2.00pm simply click on the link below to see all the action.


The event will be recorded and shown at a later date on BT Sport.

This is the draw with the player’s county. Numbers 1-32 start on green 1 and 33- 64 to green 2.

  1. Damian Morrison (Lancashire) v 2.Ian Gaut (Shropshire)
  2. Conor Chamberlain (Derbyshire) v 4.Darren Plenderleith (North Midlands)
  3. Paul Dudley (Gtr Manchester) v 6.       James Wilcox (Yorkshire)
  4. Dan Taylor (Staffordshire) v 8.Gareth Herbert (Warwick & Worcs)
  5. Matt Gilmore (Merseyside) v 10.James Thomas (South Yorkshire)
  6. Tyler Dewis (North Midlands) v 12.Adam Hartley (Derbyshire)
  7. John Evans (Warwick & Worcs) v 14.Graham Bennett (Wales)
  8. Nick Tideswell (Potteries) v 16.Jack Dyson (Yorkshire)
  9. Steve Parkin (Potteries) v 18.Gary Ellis (Gtr Manchester)
  10. Zach Walker (Cumbria) v 20.Greg Smith (Warwick & Worcs)
  11. Paul Wilson (Noth Lancs & Fylde) v 22.   Chris Slater (Wales)
  12. James Gurney (Cheshire) v24.Phil Holroyd (Yorkshire)
  13. John Kennish (Isle of Man) v 26.Stuart Perry (North Midlands)
  14. Chris Adams (Derbyshire) v 28.Richard Helliwell (Yorkshire)
  15. Danny Watson (Lancashire) v 30.Mark Gamsby (Warwick & Worcs)
  16. Wayne Rogers (Shropshire) v 32.Barry Sadler (Staffordshire)
  17. Ashley Daykin (Yorkshire) v 34.Steve Gilfedder (Lancashire)
  18. Kevin Boon (Potteries) v 36.Michael Lynch (Warwick & Worcs)
  19. John Davies (Gtr Manchester) v 38.Simon Couper (North Lancs & Fylde)
  20. Glynn Cookson (Cheshire) v 40.Ian Brown (Derbyshre)
  21. Peter Farmer (Shropshire) v 42.Martin Gilpin (Cumbria)
  22. Gary Haslam (South Yorkshire) v 44.Paul Hemming (Warwick & Worcs)
  23. Wayne Dews (Yorkshire) v 46.Nick Burridge (Merseyside)
  24. Matt Horton (North Midlands) v 48.Nick Jones (Wales)
  25. Andy Moss (Shropshire) v 50.Adam Harris (Wales)
  26. Scott Fisher (Yorkshire) v 52.James Higgins (South Yorkshire)
  27. Andy Thornton (Cumbria) v 54.Paul Heap (Gtr Manchester)
  28. Jonathan Blakeman (Warwick & Worcs) v 56.Steve Morrey (Cheshire)
  29. Darren Carter (Derbyshire) v 58.Ryan Prosser (Warwick & Worcs)
  30. David Bradford (Isle of Man) v 60.Mark Picknell (Staffordshire)
  31. Mark Melvin (Potteries) v 62.Leigh Burdett (North Midlands)
  32. Steve Wilkinson (Yorkshire) v 64.   Mike Riley (Wales)