Lloyds go clear but Tonge on the rise

Lloyds pulled clear at the top of the Manchester Premier League but Tonge win again to close the gap.

Lloyds became the first team to win this season at King and Queen. In a game that was in the balance to the end they will be extremely grateful to their captain and league average leader Mike Geraghty. His win at the end proved decisive as the aggregate was clinched by a single point.

Tonge were in dominant form at home claiming all bar one of the games to move into fourth place with a game in hand. Gary Ellis claimed the best win in a comfortable game at home to South Manchester RBL.

The other big winners on the night were Nursery who matched the Tonge score at home to Richmond. The visitors were surprised to find such a sodden green on their arrival after what seemed a particularly sunny day. The Stockport green was the victim of a rogue cloud which I take it is a meteorological formation rather than the native american name of a chap with a hose pipe. Dave Walker led the way for the Stockport men in a game which had many close games.

Sale Excelsior became the latest team to fall victim to the impressive home form of Tottington Conservative Club. Although many of the games were close it the player who gets twenty one who wins the game and this is where the Bury men were the clear leaders. Chris Jolley recorded the best win for the home team.

Next weeks games are the last before the break for the Isle of Man festival.

Lloyds will be hoping to extend their lead at the top with a home game against Nursery. King and Queen are leaders the chasing pack and they should have a proper battle at home to Tonge. Sale Excelsior make the trip to Liverpool to face Richmond who are in glorious isolation the foot of the league table. South Manchester RBL welcome Tottington Cons to their green in Levenshulme in what should be another close game.

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