What follows is the first opinion article written on Bowls Observer. A new independent website promoting and reporting on crown green bowls. The aim of the site is not to offend or cause controversy, far from it, but to give accurate reporting, video coverage and opinions about the game. It is more than possible though that you may not agree with what is published, by me or anyone else who contributes to the site, and I’m afraid you will just have to put up with that. If you don’t like the sound of that then it may be better if you stopped now and found another bowls website to read.

Anyone who has been around a bowling green will know that there are plenty of opinions voiced. There is also plenty of activity on the green that should be reported on and recorded for posterity. This game or sport of ours used to be one of the top professional sports in the country and, over the years, has changed so many lives for the better. It has provided many memorable occasions, fantastic days, glorious evenings, extremely splendid holidays and many more.

So I will apologise if anything you see, read or hear on this website offends you, well just this once I will. That said please don’t feel that your opinion doesn’t count, of course it does. If you would like to see anything on the site or have stories that you would like us to publish then please let us know.

This is as much your sport as mine and I hope you want to see it flourish as much as I do.

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The Editor remembers the days of crown green bowls on the television, of large crowds watching finals days, of touts selling tickets to get into the Waterloo finals day. He has read the stories of bowls being one the biggest and important sports in the country. The Editor wants to see and experience them again....